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Hi there, I’m Tracy Moon, the owner of tracymoons.com – my cozy corner for everyone to get their needed information of newest high quality products on digital market.

My MMO journey

When I was a fresh graduate, I had a full time job of selling flowers at my uncle’s store. It was the two most boring years of my life when my work at the flower store was only waiting for customer to come, pay, and go.

One day, my inner voice told me that I got to change. And I did. I came into my own business with some money I saved during my time selling flowers. I had to do everything on my own, and I got to know about YouTube marketing, GA, Facebook Ads… and even some black-hat tricks in my industry. But I have never pushed my skills beyond the line, always stopped at beginning levels, since I had my business to take care of.

That scene went on until I got married and had my first child. Having a lot of free time at home made me so boring that I decided to come back to the making money online industry. I followed all courses available and bought all tools on the market so I could get into the field as soon and strong as possible. But I was terribly wrong when stupidly believed in everything advertisements said. I gained not a loss of my weight, but a huge loss of my money. And that was the saddest period of my life.

Fortunately, I found an expert among my friends who helped me to recover, so now I have a steady 5-digit monthly income. But when I look back, I realized that many other MMO-ers are sinking into the same swamp as I once did. So along with my online business, I created this website to help others to know which products are the best ones on this digital market.

Tracy Moon Blog’s Categories

Tracy Moon Blog welcomes thousands of visitors every day, especially people who are working on online businesses, to search for the most effective solutions get rid of issues in their work, and also their life. Tracy Moon Blog is divided into three main categories as follow:

Product Reviews: this is the first category of my site which includes all reviews of best high quality digital products. The reviews will be well categorized into five sub-categories: Theme & Plugin, Social Media & Video, SEO & Traffic, Graphics, and other General Topics.

Mega Bonuses: the second part of my site is for valuable courses and tools which I collected during my time in this MMO field. For each purchase you make, you will be allowed to choose any bonuses you want from my stock. Each product review goes with a suggestion of useful bonuses which can boost the efficiency of that product. But if you don’t like suggested ones, feel free to choose from hundreds of others. And the best thing is: they are all FREE!

Blog Posts: the last part of Tracy Moon Blog is my blog posts. In here, I share with you my knowledge about all aspect of MMO. These tips and tricks will give you a good base of knowledge, which can help you to use your products better.

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