Blog commenting SEO tips for strong backlinks

Hi there, I’m Tracy and today I’m here to give my opinion about one of the most useful SEO methods available to build a successful blog: blog comments. And then you will get some of my blog commenting SEO tips to reach the maximum effectiveness of it.

Blog commenting seo tips

Let’s start from our ultimate goal. You are an Internet marketer and definitely your goal is to get profits from gaining huge traffic in your website whereas the key is, of course, backlinks. As already mentioned in the previous post, there are mainly 6 methods of off- page SEO strategies and among them all, Blog commenting seems to be most favorable due to the simplicity in taking its advantage.

However, the story is not that simple, blog commenting can make but also break the outcome. Why is it so effective for marketers in getting backlinks? How can we use it right to avoid being marked as spam?  This article will and break down all the aspects of blog commenting seo tips, as well as go over the strategy to optimize comments in SEO campaign.

What is blog comments?

blog commenting methods 2017

Blog commenting is defined as the way to build relationship between bloggers and viewers. This is a great way for 2 partners to exchange their ideas, thoughts and opinions with each other about particular topic, problem and blog post. Blog comments not only drive traffic in your website but also put on its social function.

Blog commenting is one of the easiest ways to get backlinks to your website. A good blog commenting strategy can help backlink graph remain constant and go up in no time. In addition, leaving appropriate comments in other blogs can gain your website traffic, raise your reputation in community, enhance the relationships between you and other webmaster and most importantly make a great impact on SEO.

How do blog comments affect SEO for a website?

People have many reason to leave blog comments. Some wants to share value knowledge or interesting stories, some intends to increase Alexa rank and apart of those, there are majority of people who are creating backlinks for SEO perspective.

In addition, as I have mentioned, blog commenting is not only done for backlinks but much more than that, so let’s talk about it:


This is one of key determinants why people are doing blog commenting. As far as top search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing are concerned, backlink is a fierce competition. When users enter the keywords, those engines always seek for the websites providing the most valuable result. Since the higher – valued website is the website that has more link, when it sends a link to another website, SE algorithms automatically give that link more authority.

If you feel that your website is not getting enough traffic, it probably because your site is not getting authority from search engines. When you comment on other’s blog, you are creating a backlink for yourself which is indirectly gaining traffic for your website.


Anyone commenting on the blog means leaving a backlink. In other words, backlink has the ability to drive traffic. Also, you need to bear in mind one important rule: Leave relevant comments.

blog comment seo tips


By sharing thoughts, ideas and opinions, there will be commitment and connection between bloggers and viewers. Blog commenting is an amazing way to build relationships with bloggers and even administrators. In the first place, this might take time, thus, be patient and flexible, you will be noticed.

Brand recognition:

When you are blogging in the post belonging to your niche, you will get attention of potential users. Even if they don’t link to your website or reply your common, your brand name at least made an impression on them and the chances are they will consider you if they want to buy product.

Blog commenting – Pros & Cons

blog commenting pros and cons

Is it still a good SEO strategy or marked as spam? the following blog commenting SEO tips will give you the overall view:


It has been considered a common wisdom to do blog commenting as good SEO strategy. Allowing comments on your own post is a smart way to facilitate discussion to gain knowledge and build social connections. From SEO perspective, blog commenting is a very simple method that allows marketers to create backlinks and drive traffic on their websites. Blog commenting truly plays vital role in SEO.


First, many people consider Blog commenting as waste of time. For instance, when Google indexes blog comments, your comments may turn up in response to search queries with only links to your comment and the site where you posted the comment. Therefore, no link authority is passed on to your site.

The second drawback of blog comments, also a very controversial topic, is that it is usually seen as spam rather than SEO strategy. You can easily find internet trolls and crazy poster appeared on many blogs and post when surfing webs. In addition, if you recklessly drop your link in inappropriate post, it will be seen as spam and blocked.

Blog commenting SEO Tips for effective blog commenting

To help you optimize your blog commenting strategy and avoid disappointing result , I would like to present to you:

The Best 7 Blog Commenting SEO Tips

  1. Use your own image in Profile .
  2. Use real name in place of keywords to make good relations to the bloggers.
  3. Write long comments because search engines are completely NOT in favor of short comments. 60 – 70 words paragraph is recommended.
  4. Comment after reading the post. Related comments are obviously prefered instead of those like “ thank you for useful information” or “ your post is very good”.
  5. Open a discussion. This method is simple, ask good question and come up with the best solution in the discussion. It will make you a star in your niche and get everyone’s attention.
  6. Comment on blogs related to your niche, with appropriate content. And also this is the opportunity to introduce your web to the viewers.
  7. Be consistent. Blog commenting is not something you can see the great result after 1 or 2 times leaving comments. You need time to build a strong relations with other bloggers. It’s fine to leave 5 comments a day.

best tips for blog comment seo

FAQ for newbie

 We have done many researches and collected great deal of questions about blog commenting SEO tips. And these below are the most popular ones. Along with them, we also provide you with the best answer in hopes you will get better in SEO.

Q: Should I use my real name and photo or any of them?

A: Remember to use your real name and photo as often as possible. Goodwill and trust are built from authentic profile. It is obviously more reliable to your potential customers.

Q: How long should my comment be?

A: You should aim for three sentences minimum. More than a tweet and less than a blog post. It is enough to express your substantive point.

Q: Should I drop any link in my comment?

A: If you’re going to leave a comment, it should be relevant to the post. Moreover, it’d better be interesting and non- promotional as possible.


So, that is all about Blog Commenting SEO tips. I truly hope this article is a great source of information that gives you the inspiration in your SEO track. Make sure that you have got in your hand all the guideline, tips and knowledge about blog commenting and successfully put it into practice. Thank you for reading to the end. Wish you all the best in your career! And don’t forget to follow my next post on!


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