5 Must-know Methods to build a Blog for making money online

Hi there, Tracy’s here! If you want to successfully build a blog for making money online, you can really make that happens after fully understanding all secrets I’m sharing below. No matter what you do, you always have to get yourself a smart strategy and strict rules to follow, in order to save your time and money. Let’s start reading my guide below and figure out what the 5 must-know methods are!

Understand your Audience

First and foremost, this is the most important rule. You need to know who your targeted audiences are and what they need from you. The best way to figure out is to list some criteria to categorize your targeted visitors. Take the list below as a sample:

  • Their Ages
  • Their Sexes
  • Their goals
  • Some basic characteristics of them (and you should read it before writing any posts)

You must ensure that each of your posts is created to serve your targeted audiences. However, those first descriptions are just your subjective opinion. If you have a chance, you can make them better by directly talking to your audiences about their problems. They come to you to solve the problems they are having. If you can successfully guide them to achieve their purpose with your knowledge, then it will make a good start.

There are some troubles you may get into if you don’t have a clear strategy for targeted audience, but we will talk about it in another post.

Build diverse content

Understanding what your visitors really need will help you to create content that builds trust and long-term interaction with them. However, don’t write just for your blog. Use your time and creativity more wisely by doing following methods:

Guest blogging: for newbies, my suggestion is to write your blog posts and guest posts equally. For example, each month, you write 4 posts for your blog and also 4 posts for guest blogging. In the first stage of your site, no one knows your blog exists. So, you should spend time to get appeared on other blogs which already have traffic to build your brand recognition gradually.

Round-up posts: these are posts of opinion and recommendation from leading experts in your niches. You can share them with your visitors as your website content. Maybe, the expert will also share your post, and his audience will also share it. And that will surely bring a huge load of traffic to your blog. This win-win method is very useful, and I’m having a plan of applying it for tracymoons.com.

Comment on other blogs

Backlinks are one of two important factors that newbies should put effort on building. One effective way to build high quality backlinks is to comment on big blogs. You can build good relationship with other bloggers and their followers.

Write down the list of at least 20 blogs or websites that you admire the most. After that, you should comment on at least 2 blogs per day. Notice that each comment should answer the question of the post or add value to its content. Commenting will also help you to write round-up posts. And remember: DON’T EVER SPAM!

If you don’t know how to increase the number of comments for your own blog posts, search for guides about how to get more comment on your blog post. This method is very effective for its value comes from sharing.

Have a detailed plan

Although you have practiced all 3 method above, your blog still needs a certain time to get stable traffic. So, just be patient and don’t get lazy. Creating content should be done with good and detailed plan. No matter small your time budget is, you must ensure the quality of your content and a stable posting schedule so your audience can return to your blog frequently.

Determine for yourself how much money you want to earn from your blog, where it should come from and how much traffic is needed. Development goes with good plans, but you still have to bear in mind that sometimes the result is not always a straight upward line.

Build your best email list (Email marketing)

Outside of Facebook Ads, a high quality email list guarantees the long-term success of your blog, because it represents the strong connection between you and your audience. The success levels of your future campaigns depends greatly on your email list. Bloggers and marketers all over the world know and deeply understand the phrase “Money in the List”. If you don’t know how to start, my suggestion below is something you can rely on to build your own email list.

Here is some tips to help you build a high quality email list:

  • Know who your audiences are
  • Know what troubles them and makes them come to your blog
  • Provide them with free but useful stuffs such as e-books, webinars to get their emails
  • Complete the strategy to develop your blog when knowing more clearly about your audience
  • Do guest blogging and create round-up post to drive traffic freely
  • Send your newly created content to all members in your email list

Those are five things you must know if you want to build a successful blog for making money online which has its brand name recognized on the market. Take them step by step with all instructions I have given above. Believe me, it would save you a lot of time. So, goodbye for now. See you in the next post of Tracymoons.com!


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