New Update MailGet Review 2017: My Real Life Experience

Hey, everyone, it’s me Tracy again! Today we’re talking a little bit about the MailGet review, as I’ve been asked quite a lot these days about it.

MailGet Review

Money is in the list. It’s always important for all businesses to build and manage a huge list of customers.

I have read it many times on other blogs, but only when I started to build, I realized how much a well-targeted email list means.

Banner ads are dying because of Ad blocking apps. SEO and ranking on page 1 of Google are becoming difficult every day.

That leaves email marketing the only sustainable method for promotion and getting customers today. The customer list is in your hand and it will not be affected by any companies, systems, or algorithm updates.

MailGet has been rising from 2014 as a new email marketing suite with comprehensive features to help people build and manage their customer list effectively.

MailGet Review 2017

This software is a straight and heavy competitor of Sendy with the magic cost difference, even when Sendy is already great at pricing. With the Amazon SES system, it allows users to send 62,000 free emails per month and the cost for extra emails is surprisingly cheap.

The MailGet service is now launching its 2017 update with better functionality and handier features. Let’s see what it has in this new edition in my 2017 Update MailGet review down here.

What is MailGet?

MailGet is an email marketing suite using the Amazon SES Integration as the SMTP to help you build and manage leads.

The Amazon SES is not only one of the most reliable email marketing solutions but also the cheapest available.

How cheap is that? Let’s say you can send 2,000 free emails per day and the cost for extra emails is $0.1 for 1000 messages.

Dirty cheap, right? While it’s not a flat fee, MailGet gets me plenty of value at a very small price. By the Amazon SES and the pricing policy, this might be one of the best opt-in software for email marketing campaigns.

Coming along is many extra features such as analytics, tracking, segmentation, API, and much more. We’ll see the best features of this 2017 version in the next part of my MailGet review 2017.

Best Features of MailGet 2017

Responsive, Drag-and-drop Email Builder

This is the feature that made MailGet 2014 a game changer for using Amazon SES to send cheap emails. The email builders design makes me feel like MailerLite. In this 2nd edition, MailGet does make it more advanced which goes far beyond the standard Sendy editor.

Multiple SMTPs support

This is for people who are not interested in Amazon SES. You have other popular SMTP services to integrate into MailGet system if you want. Back in 2014, there were only 6 services available for integration. In 2017 version, MailGet gives us 40+ options for SMTP services including Mailjet, Mailgun, SendGrid, Postmark, Mandrill and so on.

Intelligent List Management & Segmentation

This is absolutely a winning feature of MailGet in comparison with Sendy. You can collect and segment the list based on clicks, bounces, and other factors. This helps you easy send optimized messages to different groups. Other management tasks like import, export, block, and delete contacts are available.

Drip emails and Autoresponders

It’s another improvement of MailGet to add multiple drip emails. MailChimp and EmailOctopus do have this function, but MailGet provides it with cleaner and simpler implementation. Sendy, again, does not get this one.

Smart Tracking and Analytics

MailGet provides you a smart system of tracking and analytics to get comprehensive data collection. Based on the stats and graphs, you can know the number of people opened the messages, clicks, unsubscriptions, and more. This is a basic function among email marketing solutions and MailGet does its job pretty well.

Email Reputation Improvement

Hard Bounce Ducking: Spam complaints and bounces are really annoying and they get your reputation going down. MailGet detects those junk email addresses and removes them.

MailGet Bonus

Email List Cleaning: MailGet performs the email list validation so it can free up all irrelevant contacts. This is the unique feature only available in MailGet Review 2017.

Auto Follow-Up Emails to non-opens

Follow-up email automation to people who opened your messages is clearly a basic function of all email marketing software. But in this version, MailGet also allows you to schedule personalized follow-up emails to non-opens. That means a plus to enhance the open rates of your email marketing campaigns.

In-depth Video Training Tutorials

This is a big upgrade as compared to the first version in 2014. In this 2017 version, you will get the video training tutorial to walk you through any setting steps very slowly and carefully. You will not have to get into troubles configuring the system as I did before.

MailGet Training Tutorial

The above features are things that got me impressed when I try this software. The feature list of MailGet still continues with the following:

  • Personalization Tags
  • Custom HTML Emails
  • No Hosting required
  • Custom Unsubscribe Link
  • API Integration
  • Subscription Form
  • Zapier Integration
  • Link Cloaking
  • Behavioral Targeting

If you want to read the whole list of feature descriptions, follow this link to MailGet Sales page for more details:

Is MailGet Easy To Use?

The MailGet system is based on the cloud so there’s nothing you have to install on your website. It’s not a complicated thing to get used to using MailGet. Almost all setting-up steps such as adding subscribers, creating lists, importing contacts, and so on are like a walk in the park. However, the sending speed of emails in MailGet is a bit slower than MailChimp.

Here is how you can start with the MailGet Dashboard:

Step 1: Adding Contacts

You can easily add contacts to your list by importing CSV files, copying and pasting, using Opt-in Forms, or 3rd party API Integration.

Step 2: Create Email

You can create broadcast or drip emails using 3 options that MailGet allows: The custom HTML editor, the plain text editor, or the drag-and-drop email builder.

The drag-and-drop builder has 9 elements for you to re-design the template whatever way you want.

Step 3: Connect Amazon SES

This step is pretty hassled and it will take you a while to configure this right. If you cannot get things done right, it will be impossible to run the software properly.

The configuration process will take you up to 48 hours to complete. You can see the tutorial to Amazon SES configuration by FormGet developers here.

Step 4: Send and Engage

Now, you can set up your emails and send them to your list. The above features of MailGet will help you raise the deliverability and open rates.

After that, MailGet will provide stats and graphs about your campaigns so you can have the best plan to engage with your list.

MailGet Review 2017 Demo Video

MailGet Review and Evaluation

The Positives

– Drag-and-drop, responsive Email Builder

– Low email sending price

– Easy to set up by following tutorials

– No hosting is required

– Video training tutorial is included

The Negatives

– No custom fields for subscribers

– Amazon SES configuration is hassle




MailGet VS. Other Email Marketing Solutions

The image below shows the comparison of MailGet to the features of other email marketing solutions:

The tricky thing the MailGet provider put on the table is that they didn’t mention that the prices of Sendy and Mailwizz are one-time payment while for MailGet and others it’s monthly subscriptions.

However, if you look at the features, you will see Sendy and Mailwizz have no hosted service meaning you have to pay the hosting fees. So, the final price is almost the same between the two and MailGet.

To sum up this part of my MailGet review 2017, MailGet has a very affordable price and a lot more features than the others. I’m updating my MailGet account to the 2017 edition and here is some final thought of mine about MailGet review.

My Thought and Experience

Before MailGet, I was using another email marketing service and that was a time of difficulties. I couldn’t advertise my products and brand to so many clients since the limit of subscribers was too small. I was also not able to track the data of my campaigns and setting email schedule was annoying because there were not many options.

Using MailGet to send emails has been a relief. The multiple SMTP support is one of my favorite features. It’s reasonable and affordable for the even small budget to use MailGet with its beautiful designed templates those have helped me a lot improving the quality of my emails. If you are looking for the best deal of email marketing assistance, MailGet is a typical candidate with the ease and convenience to use.

Oh and let’s not forget the drag-and-drop email builder. It is definitely an improved feature that is very interesting to use. That is much better than typing plain text or editing the complicated HTML codes. If you are professional coders, you may see the coding editor useful. I’m just a regular marketer who wants a good and easy-to-use email builder. If I had to pick up a unique selling point in this MailGet review 2017, it’d be the email builder.

MailGet Price and How to Get It?

As compared to other email marketing suites, the MailGet price is much cheaper. With the same money for the most basic plan, you can add 5 times more subscribers to your list than other big names.

Personally, I have myself registered for the Basic plan of $29/month because even with the other website I own, I have less than 10k of subscribers for now.

However, if you have bigger lists, there are plenty of pricing plans as follows:

NOTICE THAT: MailGet only opens for pre-launch from May 13 to May 21, meaning you have 7 days to take the above offers. After that, Neeraj Agarwal is going to raise the price much higher.

So, if you want to take the best price, chances are you should get it as soon as possible. The following link will lead you to the official sales page of MailGet where you can secure the discount price:

Is There Any Fast Action Bonus?

Fortunately, Neeraj is so generous that he gives every MailGet user who registers through my link a package of bonus software to boost the performance of your business. Check the 12-bonus package of my MailGet review 2017 right below:

How can you get these bonus?

After buying the product through my link in the button right below (or any buttons on this page), contact me via with your JVZoo Transaction Receipt and ID. I will send the bonuses to you within 24 hours.

REMEMBER to clear caches or press “Ctrl+Shift+N” and re-access my page BEFORE BUYING MAILGET through my link.
If you don’t do that, the cookies won’t be recorded and you will get no bonus.

So, clear your caches of browser history, and click the link below:

Thank you for reading to the bottom line of my 2017 MailGet review. If you have any problems during purchases, contact me instantly via above email address. See you soon!

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