The 4 Undeniable Reasons to keep using Facebook Ads in 2017

Why should I use Facebook Ads? Is Facebook Ads still working well in 2017?

You are reading the first post in my Facebook Ads Ultimate Guide for Newbies series. No matter if you are doing online business or making money online, this series can help you get a deeper look in a very potential advertising channel. It will bring about the instant impact and rise to your revenue and profit. It’s Facebook Ads.

In this first stage, I will help you find out why millions of advertisers across the globe choose Facebook Ads as the most accurate and effective tool to promote products and approach prospects in 2017.

why should I use Facebook Ads

Why should I use Facebook Ads in 2017?

The number of Facebook users is rising fast and steadily. Facebook seems to become the most popular social media network all over the world. With its unique advantages, Facebook Ads has been and still continue attracting more and more individuals and businesses.

Advertisers are reducing their activities on traditional advertisement and paying unstoppable money for Facebook Ads. Why? Simply because Facebook Ads brings about much better results and helps them connect to customers in a more accurate way.

The effectiveness of Facebook Ads will be showed almost immediately, so businesses and individuals are so willing to leverage their advertising budget on Facebook to expand and optimize the results of FB Ads.

I am using Facebook Ads for some of my “making money online” business and the results are even better than I expected. For instance, I can create hundreds of thousands of interactions on my Facebook fan page. And you know what? More interactions always means more conversions and sales.

Now I’m go further for deep analysis to answer your question: What are benefits of facebook advertising for your business?

Facebook has an extremely enormous amount of users

Being founded in 2004 and perfected every day, Facebook Ads is currently the most popular advertising channel for any individuals and businesses who want to sell products online.

It can be for making money online on the international market with affiliate marketing or selling Teespring T-shirts. And for newbies who start selling clothing or cosmetics. Or even for a big company about insurance, electronics, and so on. Anyone can be using Facebook Ads to drive traffic and boost revenue.

So what are reasons to advertise on Facebook that so many people are doing it?

why facebook advertising is effective

Let’s look at the above picture. Facebook has 1.8 billion users every single month. On the average of US Facebook users, for each 5 minutes, they spend 1 minute on Facebook. In addition to that, the Instagram network also has over 500 million users each month.

These are really unbelievable numbers. Facebook is the most crowded social networks in the world and it’s growing unstoppably. And among billions of people using Facebook, there are many users who can be your future prospects, buy your products, and use the service you provide.

And you have the ultimate power to get customers using Facebook ads.

benefits of facebook advertising for your business

Targeting customers on Facebook with 3 types of Audience

The number of Facebook users is gigantic. However, when making advertisement, if you don’t know how to target the right customers on Facebook, you will burn your budget for nothing.

Do you notice that when you use Facebook, this network always ask you many personal information of yours such as date of birth, gender, where you was born, where you are living, education, interests, and so much more.

You have total ability to give that information to Facebook freely, but it can help Facebook to earn tons of money from advertisers. Now, let’s say you are an advertiser. With Facebook, you can connect and target customer according to their interests, ages, place where they are living, and so on.

Facebook currently provide advertiser 3 types of “audience” so they can target them better.

Core Audiences

This is the audience type which helps you target customers according to:

  • Demographics: Target customer by ages, genders, marriage, educational level, occupation, etc.
  • Location: Target customers by location, countries, provinces, states, etc.
  • Interests: You can target the right customer with interest of one or many things. Besides, the Narrow Audience function of Facebook can help you target customers who are interested in many things at the same time so it can be more effective.
  • Behaviours: You can target customer by buying or shopping actions and devices they are using.

For example, I’m in the advertising interface of Facebook, and I can target men in my town (Hochiminh City) who are using iPhone 7, like sports and gyms:

why facebook advertising is effective

Custom Audiences

This type of audience helps you approach customers who has engaged with you before, such as:

  • Have visited your website
  • Have used your application
  • Have visited your Facebook fan page
  • Have sent messages to your Facebook fan page
  • And so on.

For instance, I can create a list of people who has visited my fan page, and I can run my advertisement to this audience list:

why advertise on facebook 2017

Lookalike Audience

This function helps you target a number of customers who have similar actions on Facebook to a list of audience you are having. Pretty cool, right?

For example, I have a list of people who have purchased my products. I can create a list of audience who has the similar Facebook behaviors to this list. They may have the same interests or buying activities, so there may be many customers in this new list want to buy your product or use your services.

For me, 3 targeting functions on Facebook are really powerful. They can help me target the exactly “customer portrait” that I imagine.

In-depth Customer Understanding with Audience Insight

Beside extremely detailed targeting functions above, Facebook also develops another tool named Audience Insight which helps you research and find more prospects with more effective targeting support.

With its slogan “Understand your audience better”, this tool provide in-depth details about 3 groups of targets:

  • People who like your page
  • People who are in your list of custom audience
  • People who you are reaching on Facebook

What does it means with “Understand better”?

That’s when you can ultimately see and discover about ages, genders, educational levels, careers, relationship statuses, interests, families, and so on of the customer list. For example, I can analyze some important statistics from my fan page insight as following:

Young-aged people are the majority (the group of 18-24 takes over 69%) and males are popular:

High rates of single and high-education people:

Knowing which careers are popular:

From there, I can draw the portrait of my typical customer while doing targeting on Facebook Ads. For example, if I want to target a number of new customers who haven’t liked my page yet, I can set the criteria such as male, age of 20-25, single, college graduate, career types including Management, production, Administrative, and more.

Together with many other targeting tricks, I can approach the most potential prospects who may care about the product or services I’m supplying.

Facebook Ads gets improvement every day

Firstly, let’s look at the growth rate of Facebook users for the last 8 years:

And the growth rate of Facebook’s revenue:

To reach that terrific number of users and revenue, Facebook has done its job very well with much improvements to create a perfect environment for both sides: Users and Advertisers. Just like me and you.

Fast backward to the day it first came into the market, Facebook Ads was lacked of many critical elements. There is no Business Manager, no Narrow Audience, sparing Interest & Behavior, simple Custom Audience, no Lookalike Audience, no Creative Hub, no Instagram Ads, and much more.

Until now, everything has fulfilled and grew really fast and it’s fast enough that even today I write the Facebook Ads guideline, then 1 week later it becomes out of date because the Ads manager changes its interface.

Let’s look at the picture below to know how terrific the advertiser tools of Facebook are:

The Facebook Ads platform will be more complete day by day and that’s for sure. Facebook continuously updates its system to help advertisers target potential prospects easier. If you know how to apply the new features in a logical way, you will significantly save cost running Facebook Ads.

Furthermore, advertisers are focusing on the mobile platform, so you should also take advantage of this platform while we are all in the age of smartphones and mobile devices.

Facebook Ads Vs. Google Ads?

Facebook Ads has become an effective marketing tool which can reach potential customers in a very accurate way. That’s why it is now the biggest competitor of Google Ads. And actually, Facebook Ads has much more advantages than Google Ads.

I will take a simple example for you to imagine the scene better.

Now, you must already know how Google Ads works. When users search for keywords on Google, your advertisements will be displayed according to the keywords, and then people click on your websites. With 5 billion searches every day, Google Ads is a very effective advertising tool and it brings about customers of your exact keywords.

At first, it may sound that Google Ads will get you the more accurate result than with Facebook Ads. But Google Ads has its own drawbacks:

  • Firstly, it’s The Cost. If you are not a professional expert of Google Ads who also knows to optimize the landing page, you will have to spend a lot of money for Google Ads. Even if the returning profit is high, it could not cover too high cost, meaning you will lose more than you get. To be able to run a cost-optimized Google Ads, you will have to learn and research a lot.
  • Secondly, the Competitiveness. With Google Ads, if your service is in the niche that many people are also in, the competitiveness is huge. You have to raise the bid price to get your advertisement on top, then the endless loop of price rise happens.
  • Thirdly, the Limitation of text in visual images. Google makes it much stricter than Facebook in this matter, which is really annoying to me.

How about Facebook? With Facebook Ads, you don’t need to care much about what users are searching for, but running ads to the target customers that you think they can be your customers. You will target to their interests, careers, family, personal information, and so on by the classic supporting tools of Facebook.

You can attract your target audience to like your own Fan page where you can continuously post your related services and products. You hit them right on their spot and provide them with best solutions.

Facebook Advertisement is pretty cheap. In comparison with Google Ads and LinkedIn Ads, the Facebook Ads has much lower cost per click. If your image, video, or website is good and targets the customer accurately, the cost per click might be extremely low.

And the best part? Facebook knows almost every basic information and interest of users so you can drive audience better with targeting of age, interest, living place, marriage status, education, behaviors, and so on. This can save you a lot of cost.

However, there are many specific industries in which Google Ads works more effectively and becomes more suitable than Facebook Ads. So, your job is researching these advertising platform thoroughly, then test the efficiency, and come to the final conclusion. You can also combine these two platforms together in a marketing strategy if both of them bring you profit.

What to notice when using Facebook Ads?

Firstly, in the end, Facebook Ads is just a tool. It is not a god-sent system to bring any individual, company, or business the profit they want. FB Ads simply provides the tool, and how you use that tool will decide the effectiveness of your project.

Secondly, the quality of products and services and the advertising content (image, video, and website) are always on top priority. The advertising tool, audience insight, or targeting method comes after that.

Thirdly, if you are paying money to build your prospect list and get them like your page, you have to take care of the fan page well. If the activities and content of your fan page is too thin and boring, your customers will leave.

Fourthly, wrong targeting means money wasting. If you don’t know how to target your potential customers in the right way, the result will be really bad. You have to determine that what product or service you are selling or promoting is. You have to build a mindset of who your customers will be and create ads targeting exactly those people.

Last but not least, not any services or products can be advertised with FB Ads. There are many forbidden services on Facebook such as services relating to make money at home, dating, making friends, and so on.

On Facebook Ads, you are not allowed to use obscene, vulgar, threatening, or negative feedback. Do not use abusive, harassing or demeaning language, or negative language to age, gender, name, race, physical condition, etc.

My Final Thought

Facebook is the biggest advertising channel with most potential prospects which any online marketers and businesses should consider.

Facebook Ads is a service as well as a perfect tool of Facebook which helps you approach your potential customers easily. If you do it right, this is the way that bring about massive profit in a very short time.

However, the distance from “understand Facebook Ads” to “run Facebook Ads well” is extremely far. Unfocused works with too much mistakes will just make you running out of budget.

Do not rely too much of Facebook Ads. Create good content, plan the best strategy to build your fan page, invest on product sales images and videos, and improve your product quality every day. Then you will see the results you deserve.

I bet now you can answer the question “Why should I use Facebook Ads? “. I will continue this series with a detailed guide to create Facebook Business Account and Fan Page. See you soon!

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