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Script Engage 2.0 is the upgraded version of Script Engage by Sam Bakker. This is a rich resources for those who want to make their work of content automated while still keep (or even leverage) the quality standard of them. I have just going through the review version that Sam Bakker gave me to see more about what Script Engage 2.0 is offering. Now I’m sharing all details of it in my full review and I’m telling it as much honest as I can.

Script Engage 2.0 Review


The Script Engage 2.0 is a software producing sales scripts for websites and businesses and it’s created by Sam Bakker and his team. This product provides you with a library of pre-written scripts which has been using very successful for sales campaigns. It also comes with a built-in script editor so you can customize you sales articles by words, structures and writing styles. These scripts are actually working I thought, as I felt convinced and sold after reading first three samples. With a little more tweaks for personalizing the content, I guess they will be more compelling.

Most of other content-relating products on the market I have seen was not so effective, so I’m very happy to write this Script Engage 2.0 review as I’m sure that this is not a scam. First, I read the copies and they are truly good ones with high-level copywriting techniques. Second, Sam Bakker has a big name on the market, and he does not waste it for a scam. The articles from Script Engage 2.0 go with newest rules of effective sales content. This software is offering more value than a 300-page book as you can actually learn from real selling sales copies and even create them easily.


As I said, Script Engage 2.0 is the brainchild of Sam Bakker – an authority in the online marketing market. Sam has his passion for business at a very young age of 13. By his 16, Sam had already shifted a $120k worth deal which gave him over $60k in profit.

Script Engage 2.0 creatorAll the way along his time with online marketing, he has been working with many big names such as Mark Anastasi, Jeff and Kane, Austin Walsh and even Richard Branson. He also gives his expertise to companies and corporations about online marketing results. Some good recognized organizations are or

For now, Sam Bakker is a reputable trainer who is giving effective advices and training courses to successful online marketers all over the world. His students and customers give him plenty of compliment as he has helped them to produce extra success for their business.

Out of this Script Engage 2.0 review, if you want to know more about Sam Bakker, click the following link:


After logging into the software, my first impression is that the software interface is easy to use. It was designed in the way that even my 14-year-old nephew can know what to do and where to start. The software design is clean and even simpler than a spinner tool, for example Spinner Chief. The tool will guide users carefully through steps to get the best results possible.

Next thing to review is the major content of this software: the sales copies.

Actually, I resonated with Sam Bakker about the content problem of every sales campaigns. I had built blogs, ran marketing campaigns, ran giveaways, done a bunch of SEO methods but still lost my traffic and rankings. However, when I started going back to the core problem, I found out that the content really matters. I could drive huge traffic to my blog, but I had nothing to keep them reading or make them buy.

So I registered a few reputable copywriting courses and get better writing skills (since my budget is not enough to hire copywriters forever). The improvement in content marketing made a huge impact on my blog traffic and also my revenue. And I’m happy to see all knowledge I’ve learned about copywriting in the scripts of Script Engage 2.0. This is not so surprising since Sam said that he hired professional copywriters to write those pieces.

While the sales articles are good and newbies with low copywriting skills can use them immediately, experienced writers may feel uncomfortable with content styles. They may want to change the words used, or make some personal marks on the articles. The plus point of Script Engage 2.0 is that it includes a script editor which enables users to do that (which the 1.0 version did not have). So, you don’t have to worry about unexpected results.


The features of this software is mainly about its content. So in this Script Engage 2.0 review, I’m not talking too much about the features of this tool, since you can easily get the functions when you see it.

Script Engage 2.0 bonusScript Engage 2.0 provides you with 50 pre-written scripts in various niches, so you can find any topics you are working on in the library. These templates are completely customizable so you can easily make an attractive article to sell a product by your writing style. Even without any adjustment, those auto-generated articles are totally fine to publish because their authors are professional copywriters.

Also, Script Engage 2.0 comes with a live script editor which allows you to add, adjust or delete any elements you want. The final result can be exported under formats of PDF or DOC.


Step 1: Creating Avatars. Firstly, you will start with creating an “Avatar”. This is sort of a project, so you can handle elements of each articles. So for each article, you create an “avatar”.

Step 2: Setting up Avatars. After create a new avatar, clicking on it will show you a page with clear steps to follow. Those will help you to best input the necessary information to generate your article.

Step 3: Choosing elements. After finishing the avatar process, you will click on the Generate scripts. In this step, the program will lead you to choose avatar, niche and the sample article.

Step 4: Editing articles. You can edit anything you want to change in the editing board.

Step 5: Exporting articles. You can choose to export them under different formats.

For a more detailed view, you can watch the demo video below to see how Script Engage works (the video was made for me – the reviewer – but I think it’s ok for you to watch).


It’s the fact that content marketing is a must-have strategy for any businesses today. Everyone has something to sell and selling it needs effective advertising campaigns to get desired results. Without good sales copies, no one will buy your products or hire your services.

So Script Engage 2.0 is suitable for anyone who sells products or services. It is also a good tool for experienced copywriters who want to minimize their works with clients.


This is a very common question for any products. In this Script Engage 2.0 review, let me breakdown the price you have to pay for Script Engage 2.0 and the upsells coming with it.

The core product is of course the Front-End version of Script Engage 2.0 with the price of only $67 (early bird price). After purchasing the product, you will get chances to buy the following Upsells:

Upsell 1: Script Engage PRO Club – $37/month

Access to PRO member area with 15 additional scripts added monthly and all other future updates.

Upsell 2: Copywriting Master class – $197

A 6-week masterclass by Sam and a famous professional copywriter to help you to write sales articles which can be sold for $1000+ with Script Engage 2.0.

Upsell 3: Script Engage Advance Upgrade – $47

This pack enables you to export any scripts from Script Engage 2.0 into a PPT presentation for easy video recording.

NOTICE THAT: the $67 Price for Script Engage 2.0 is an early bird price only which is only available for about 13 hours. The Script Engage 2.0 $67 sales is launched at 11:00 AM EDT Jan 25th, and the price will increase at midnight. So if you want to buy it, get it as soon as possible!


A small note about my reviews on I’m an affiliate for all products I review. The creators give me their products for free to test them. However all of my reviews are written as honestly as I can. I also make no prior promises to them when writing my reviews. When you click a link on this blog which leads you to the sales page of a paid product, it will be my affiliate link. I will be paid a percentage of the product’s price if you decide to buy that product.

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After taking a closer look, I’m happy to say that Script Engage 2.0 looks like a good program with no scam. The creator Sam Bakker has a lot of experience and he has also made a lot of money from his works. If you heart falls for is software, you should go ahead and buy it. I think that Script Engage 2.0 will make you happy.

This is the end of my Script Engage 2.0 Review. I hope that my review has shown you enough information to understand this product. Thank you for reading and see you at other posts on!

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The Script Engage 2.0 is a software producing sales scripts for websites and businesses. This product provides you with a library of pre-written scripts and a live editor which has been using very successful for sales campaigns.



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