Forum backlink building: boosting your backlink profile

Hi there, Tracy’s here! Last week, I have talked about how to improve your blog commenting SEO strategy. Today we will dig into the topic of SEO with one of the most popular off-page SEO strategy: forum backlink building. Is this still good for building your profitable blog? Let’s figure it out!

forum backlink building

Why we need forum backlink building

People believe that SEO is the new key factor to success for all businesses and enterprises. Every company which wishes to attract their targeted online audiences has to get its website listed among the top search results from popular search engines. It has to be seen before selling anything. Among the best methods when it comes to SEO, forum backlink building is a good bet.

Forum backlink building gives us a great opportunity to have a better ranking for website. It also helps to expand our reach along with getting some SEO and online marketing value.

Advantages of using forum signature link for SEO

Direct Referrals

Marketing using forums brings many priceless benefits. Getting high quality direct referrals maybe the best one of them. If you are members of various forums related to your business, this SEO strategy is perfect to attract targeted traffic to your website.

Normally, forum administrators will allow you to optionally place one or two links in your signature. When you start your new thread or comment on others’, this signature will appear at the bottom of your posts. The more active you are in the forum, the better chance you will get to have people follow your links.

Higher SEO Trust Flow

To be honest, backlinks are the main reason for bloggers or webmasters to join forums. These places are the holy grails for building a huge number of links fast. Many highly-profile forums have high Trust level in Google’s eye. Therefore the links that you insert to the forum signature will transfer some valuable “Trust Flow” to your website. The most interesting part of this method is that the forum signature links are very easy to build.

Building Your Online Reputation

Forums are awesome places to leverage your online reputation. In forums, you will not only get help from the community, but also offer your experiences to someone who is in troubles. Eventually, there would be a huge number of members who learn from you and trust you. That’s the time you become an expert on your field. However, you would still have to keep on engaging with your people by starting or answering the forums’ threads.

using forum signature link for SEO

Disadvantages of forum signature link building

Possible Link Spam

The horrible thing is that there have been too many spammers in forums, so spam links there were rampant. As a predictable result, forums which allowed those spam links were tagged as spam as well. Consequently, webmasters or bloggers who made spam links in forums would have their websites hit by the Google Penguin update. It’s the awful punch that no one wants to take.

Keyword Stuffing

For the SEO purpose, spammers also turn forums into trash bags with keyword stuffing. The keyword is repeated continuously in the spammers’ signatures, comments, threads and threads’ titles. Keyword stuffing can bring the same dreadful effects to websites if they get punishments from Google.

forum signature link building

Best practices for building forum signature links

Building a combination of DoFollow and NoFollow links

Google tends to pass more weight to comment links placed within articles of a content rich forums. This means that even the forum only allows NoFolow links, it can still give your website much Trust Flow. Stop searching for “best forums allow dofollow links” (here is an example at Shoutmeloud), because the lists you can find are much likely to already be filled up by other link builders.

Instead, search for ones where your content will be really valuable to the audience. No one should underestimate forums with NoFollow links but high Trust scores. If the discussions are new and related to your business, then you should add those to your list of to-go forum.

Making contribution before sharing your site content

Normally, after registering your account, you can access the “introduction” section in the forum to introduce yourself to other members. If this option exists and you bypass it, the administrator would possibly label you as a spammer, so you should make sure you have gone through the forum’s recommended process after registering. By doing this, you show other users (and administrators) that you come to add valuable contribution to the community and not to compete your self-serving missions.

Creating your discussions when your are ready

All well-structured forums have several kind of measurements that marks your profile according to the length of your online status and the frequency of your posts. You need to leverage your mark before you can truly capitalize on the last piece of these best practices. Once you’ve become a true member a community as an active contributor to existing discussions, you are ready start your own conversations.

Come up with questions which will start a kindly debate as it is relevant to your business, opening the topic up to discussion, and refer your great website contents when it is possible and reasonable. There are always hot topics for you to capitalize on as a way to start a discussion no matter which industry you are in. Focusing on adding value to the community and you would become a leader with forums where you have your target demographic.

FAQ about Forum backlink building

FAQ about Forum backlink building

Q: How can I discuss in the forum topics while I have not much knowledge about them?

A: You have two options. Option 1 is adding more question to the topic. It can go with something like “I have the same issues. My case is ….” Option 2 is searching the Internet for answer of the asked question. Once you find it, you should paraphrase the answer and take it as your comment.

Q: If a forum only allows 2 links on one signature, should I create many accounts to be able to add more links?

A: Don’t ever do that, unless you have many computers or use VPN service. Creating multiple accounts from an IP address will most likely to be banned by the administrators. If you want to promote more links, you should find other forums to join.


Forums are generally places where you can engage in social community of sharing information with texts, links, and images. Many people make uses of their forums for good SEO scores themselves, and we are no difference. However, we should do it wisely. I hope that my guide to forum backlink building helps you to keep your SEO strategy on the right track. See you soon in the last article of this series!

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