Ultimate Social Bookmarking SEO Strategy and Tutorials

“If it isn’t on Google, it does not exist” – Jimmy Wales, an Internet entrepreneur. Perhaps Jimmy Wales’s point is that: If your web doesn’t appear on the first few Google pages, we may consider it to be invisible. When promoting your website, social bookmarking SEO strategy is a must. Let’s be frank, do you remember the last time you made it to the page 10?

Social bookmarking SEO strategy

It’s a fact that SEO has become more and more complicated these days. As doing blog commenting for SEO is somehow getting saturated, here is a lot of competition and your content you post on sites or webs should be outstanding, high- quality to get the customers’ attention. Fortunately, you’ve got a very effective tool to solve this problem your self – Social Bookmarking.

Companies and firms are paying a lot of money for SEO services, but think about huge benefit if that company or firm does this job on its own. Social bookmarking SEO strategy is definitely one of the best options because it is simple, efficient and trendy.

What is Social Bookmarking SEO strategy?

A social bookmark is a link that people post on social websites to share with others the content or information they find interesting and helpful. In other way to explain, it is quite the same with the bookmarks you’ve saved in your computer. The only difference between those is that social bookmarks are shared in webs, whereas private bookmarks are saved to your own browser.

Social bookmarking is a way we mark all our favorite pages online so that we can read it any time when connected to the Internet. However, problems can crop up when browser gets crashed or formatted, we won’t be able to access if we are not in front of our computer. Social bookmarking SEO strategy is created to overcome this issue.

social bookmarking seo tips

How does social bookmarking affect SEO and business?

Social bookmarking SEO strategy is a great SEO tool because its ability to drive traffic to your website, increase social signal and also, make it easier to share your content. Unlike forum backlink building method, in the long run, social bookmarking levels up your visibility and social rank.

Traffic level depends significantly on your content. A post with intriguing title, valuable information or something makes people curious about, pays huge contribution in driving targeted traffic. Bear in your mind, you are doing social bookmarking, so the key of success here is to be social. The more links you submit, the more people pay attention on you.

In terms of business, it’s a mistake if we rule out social bookmarking’s role. In fact, it does has certain marketing quality, here are some of social bookmarking’s benefits:

  • Building relevant links
  • Draw a lot of traffic
  • Draw visitors and customers
  • Help people find business and business find business

social bookmarking tutorials

Pros and Cons of Social Bookmarking


  • Social bookmarking is completely free
  • Because the content in post has to be relevant and informative, people would add the bookmark in their list, which will raise the popularity for the post
  • Doing social bookmarking means you are showing your web to potential customers. If you manage to provide them with valuable information, they will follow your web link and use your service.


  • We have to come to terms that not everyone uses social bookmarking sites, this means you may not reach to many people, thus, you lose part of your potential customers
  • Social bookmarking is not the most ideal type for all businesses. Therefore, you’d better be wise when choosing this for you own business
  • It requires a lot of time to create content and post it in social bookmarking sites. Due to this, it will be a waste of time if it doesn’t live up to your expectation.

Social bookmarking SEO tutorials

How to get the best result from social bookmarking? The answer if right here

6 tips for effective social bookmarking

  1. Pay attention to your headlines and subheadings. Before start reading the whole post, people always skim and scan. It would be great if you impress them in first sight!
  2. Have an impressive first paragraph. Believe me, everyone is interested in a post that is smartly opened.
  3. Content is King. Everyone is definitely not fond of a post that go off track after a cheerful opening. If your article are waste of time, social bookmarking is useless. So creating good content that sells itself is a must!
  4. Choose the right time to submit. The time is very crucial to get you into the front page. If you post it when people are sleeping, it’s hopeless. It is fine to so it earlier than 10 am or 3pm. Work days is relatively better then off day but the downside of it is that you have more competitors for the front page. So think carefully about it.
  5. Choose the right category. You should choose the category that is frequent to the visitors and customers or the category that has few competitors, it can makes your information more valuable.
  6. Build a top profile. Not all users are equal on social bookmarking sites. If you are an experienced person who post tons of interesting news or stories, you stand higher chance of being noticed and followed.

social bookmarking seo FAQs

FAQ for newbies

Q: Can you give me some of the best social bookmarking sites?

A: Here is some of my suggestions for you:

  • StumbleUpon: It is very easy to use and the most popular one
  • Blokube: Aimed at blogging
  • Dzone: Tailored for developers and programmers.

Q: Should I respond to others’ comments on my stories?

A: Yes, of course. If your article has hundreds of comments, you should be proud of it. Always remember to respond to comments on your posts and even leave comments on others. This is good way to make friends and build op profile.

Social bookmarking strategy – Conclusion

Social bookmarking SEO strategy can be an extremely great tool if you know the right way to execute it. I hope that all my guideline above would be truly useful for your business. Thank you for reading to the end. Wish you all the best in your career! And don’t forget to follow my next post!


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