Video Ads Formula 2.0 Review – Is it legit or just a scam?

Hello everyone, Tracy’s here! Welcome to my Video Ads Formula 2.0 Review. This is gonna be all things I knew about Video Ads Formula 2.0 after having some real experience with a preview of it.

A lot of my friends asked me to make a review about this product, so that they can have the right approach to it, then make their wisest decision.

Video Ads Formula 2.0 Review

Video Ads Formula 2.0 Review
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Video Ads Formula 2.0 is a comprehensive pack of detailed case studies and advertising tools. This product has all things a marketer will ever need to master video advertising in the cheapest and most efficient way.


Is it a scam? No. I can guarantee that. I had experienced the 1.0 version with joy when my business got a flood of sales, so I expected to be amazed by this 2.0 upgrade. And Mario did not let me down. The following Video Ads Formula 2.0 review will show you how.

Click the link down here and go straight to the Sales Page of Video Ads Formula 2.0!


  • Vendor: Mario Brown
  • Product: Video Ads Formula 2.0
  • Launch Date: 2016-Dec-17
  • Launch Time: 01:00 EST
  • Front-End Price: $37


It is much more comfortable to watch an great advertising content video in only 2-3 minutes than reading a wall of text (even with images). And currently, using video is one of the hottest trends for online marketing. You can easily see that fact on many channels, the most typical place is your Facebook news feed. Tons of videos are produced a day!

The saddest point is, advertising a video is not simple as the way you produce it. To maximize the potential of a video advertisement, you cannot just post it and run a basic Facebook ads campaign.

Believe me, I’m a victim of that “newbie thinking”. The Pros, who are only 10% of the total number of marketers, have their own secrets to beats the other 90%.

Finally, there’s a pro who is willing to share. And he creates Video Ads Formula 2.0 based on his years of testing and figuring out the best way to run video ads.

The next parts of my Video Ads Formula 2.0 Review will show you all the details.


Video Ads Formula 2.0 is the 2nd version of Video Ads Formula – a comprehensive pack of detailed case studies and advertising tools from Mario Brown. This product has all things a marketer will ever need to master video advertising in the cheapest and most efficient way.

Video Ads Formula 2.0 will directly show you the fully recorded process that Mario used in his last month with video advertising. So, doing the exactly same steps can bring you the flood of traffic that you always dream of.


If you‘ve been doing online marketing long enough, you should probably hear about this guy quite often. Mario Brown is an SEO and Marketing Expert who has spent the last 4 years building his empire from scratch to a 5 figure monthly income.

He is the author of “The Ultimate SEO Machine” – One of the top bestselling book about SEO, and a famous speaker on online marketing, mobile solutions, and book publishing. His presentations are priced $5000-$10000 each.


You will find in this course the exact method that Mario used for the last 4-week advertising campaign. This also includes his best-converting landing page with 53% CTR and all bidding strategies and tweaks which give him the price per lead of only $1.43 in the most competitive niche.

Video Ads Formula 2.0 includes 6 modules which contain tons of secret and effective weapons:

Module 1: An overview of the system but still straightly give you the income generating formula with proven results.

Module 2: Mario will lead you step by step to build an attractive landing page and set up your tracking effectively. You can leverage your business with his exact landing page which used to get 53% conversion rates from totally new customers.

Module 3: This module contains a newbie-friendly guideline to set up a perfect advertising campaign and target right customers with Mario’s secret strategies.

Module 4: The extremely low-cost strategy to the retargeting revolution. Mario shows you how to increase your name recognition with huge exposure and authority credibility with his proven retargeting strategies.

Module 5: All data and analysis which Mario had to spend years and thousands of dollar to collect. This will help you to draw out the best path for your business, with all the A/B tests, such as Mobile/Desktop performances, CPC/CPI costs… and much more.

Module 6: The simplest way to create converting and engaging in-person videos which brings tons of likes, shares, views and sales, only with your Smart Phone.

Module 7: The must-have methods you need to keep your account safe and sound. Mario shows you the ultimate ways to get your account away from being shut down, and even help it to be allowed to run cheaper ads.


Nope. Absolutely not.

In this Video Ads Formula 2.0 Review, I give you my word that it is very friendly even to newcomers. Mario has expressed his methods and strategies very well and even make them step-by-step so you don’t have to worry about its structure. Here’s what Mario Brown promises you:


Well, almost every marketers and business owners need that knowledge. And if you want to really stand out of your competitors, this course will give you not only a useful hand but also all the tools you need to get there.

And hey, if you want to change your job or do some well-paid freelance jobs, video marketing is a promising area to go!


To get to this point of my review, you should already see all the advantages of this course:

  • It is the blueprint from a professional marketer with proven results and well-built guidelines.
  • This course contains all strategies, tools, and resources you need to achieve the goal of the course.
  • VAF 2.0 will walk you step-by-step through the process with visual illustrations so newbies don’t have to worry.

In comparison with other courses offered all over the Internet, this course has a reliable author (you can see his profile at his website It also has its own recognition from the first version of Video Ads Formula. Hundreds of VAF Users had given Mario their feedbacks:

I’m one of them, with my very own experiences. This is a pot of gold for every marketers and business owners out there to skyrocket their traffic load and sales. Pretty awesome, right?


Video Ads Formula 2.0 is launched at 01:00 EST December 17th, 2016. On a very limited time, its price will be only $37 – a huge discount (I didn’t believe my eye when I saw it). However, this amazing launch price will be increased to $97 right after the 5-day launch ends. So you should decide quickly!

After reading my Video Ads Formula 2.0 review, if you want to get a version of it, get it through my link below to have a discount price and huge bonuses! Your time is almost up!

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