Zenviral Review – New Solution to Pulling Huge Free Traffic

Hi there, Tracy’s here! If you are looking for a unique and efficient tool to drive much more traffic to your website and get more conversions and sales, I recommend ZenViral. This is an ideal tool to effectively attract a huge flood of traffic and convert them into sales and conversions. In this ZenViral review, I’m sharing all information you should know about it.

ZenViral Review

It’s so obvious that traffic is always the most important factor of a successful marketing campaign. Huge traffic to your website or landing page means better chance to get a killing in sales. So, the critical thing to all websites is the method to achieve that ultimate goal. Webmaster community is always seeking for newest method that no one knows to pulling as much traffic as possible.

Many software creators have tried so hard to build tools or training courses to solve the question, but the problem is still there. Knowing all drawbacks of existing tools and having 10 year experience of online marketing, Desmond Ong has recently found a brand new way to get daily flood of traffic for free. All best parts of the new method are applied inside the new tool ZenViral.

So who is Desmond Ong? And what is ZenViral? And how great it is to help us get our traffic boosted? We are figuring out all about this software in this ZenViral review.

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ZenViral Review

A powerful traffic tool using a brand new method to get you the huge amount of visitors and customers you deserve.

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ZenViral Review: Product Overview

  • Creator: Desmond Ong
  • Product Name: ZenViral
  • Launch Time: 08:00 EST January 31st 2017
  • Front-End Price: $29 monthly or $97 life-time
  • Bonus: Yes, Click here to see your bonus
  • Refund: Yes, 30-day 100% money back guaranteed!
  • Support: Effective Response
  • Official Website: Zenviral.co
  • Recommended: Strongly recommended
  • Niche: SEO & Traffic

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What is ZenViral?

ZenViral is a powerful traffic tool that uses a very strange and new method to get you the huge amount of visitors and customers you deserve. Desmond Ong has his secret algorithm to create a method that mentally force the viewers to share your articles to their social media accounts.

Using this method (that I guess very few people know it) you can generate thousands of leads and potential customers to your web pages. You know the result of this traffic boost, right? An exciting increase in conversions and sales! This tool also supports you to optimize, analyze and track your video and image posts, so you can see which one’s performance is the best.

About the Creator: Desmond Ong

Desmond Ong is a very successful internet marketer and author. He owns the best-selling book “Agains All Odds”. He is also a well-known millionaire, international speaker and trainer.Zenviral creator desmond ong

Desmond started his first online business when he was only 15. At the age of 21, he reached the milestone of a million dollars and he dropped college to become a full-time Internet marketer. Since then, Desmond has achieved millions of dollars growing multiple online businesses.

Desmond has studied hard to earn many years of experience and created a lot of useful products. I can name some of his best-selling products as 200 In 20 Minutes, License My Success, ZenNotify…. You can easily make a check yourself.

Desmond Ong has been featured on Business Insider, The Sun, Popular Bestsellers List, YouTube, KLCC Book Fair and many other reputed media. He has been giving speech and training in various organizations in areas of digital marketing, wealth building, information products and entrepreneurship.

The Outstanding Features of ZenViral

Officially, here is 6 most impressive features that ZenViral provides you with:

  • EASY SETUP: You can easily set up and personalize the app in about a minute, with no API or coding.
  • TRACKING & ANALYTICS: The software includes a built-in tracking system allowing you to control where users should share your posts for each campaign. You can also optimize the process based on analytics.
  • CAMPAIGN & ZENVIRAL: You can create and publish unlimited number of campaigns that will go viral.
  • LIVE EDITOR: A back-end editor which makes it easy even for newbies to create ZenViral projects with fully customizable headlines, videos, images and social network connections.
  • FREE TRAFFIC: ZenViral gets traffic from biggest social networks with unique secret method. Your visitors are able to share your content to Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and LinkedIn.
  • UNLOCK GIFT & BONUS BY SHARING: You can create giveaways with content locker. Visitors can get it by sharing it to social networks.

ZenViral Bonus

My personal view: I like this app as it has a user-friendly interface which is very easy to use. I can create a campaign as fast as under 3 minutes, without any coding or API keys.

The most useful feature that I like the most in this ZenViral review is the Tracking and Analytics function because it helps me optimizing my posts to effectively boost the conversion rates.

The Giveaway Locker function is also very interesting and useful. Everyone likes to get free but still very valuable gifts, so it’s a psychological method to make visitors share your content. This is not new but always a good idea to create a lead magnet.

The live back-end editor is also make it easier for you to see what your customers really see, so you can make posts the most attractive possible. Overall, those functions are great and useful.

How Does ZenViral Work?

Because the interface is pretty clean, you can easily create your campaign within 3 steps as following:

ZenViral Features

After the successfully creating your campaign, simply paste the code before the </head> tag on the desired web pages.

Watch the demo video below to see the real ZenViral walk through:

ZenViral’s PROs & CONs

PROs: It really helps to get much more high quality traffic to users’ websites. The package also includes all necessary tools to serve your marketing strategy, and the interface is clean and easy to use.

CONs: This app uses websites as its host so you cannot use it if you don’t have a website.

ZenViral Review – Should You Buy It?

As you can also see, ZenViral secures an effective way to pulling more traffic to your website, including many tools and methods to increase conversion rates.

This product is optimized for anyone who has products and services to sell, such as business owners and affiliate marketers. Social networks are great places to drive traffic from as you can reach millions of people through post sharing and get unlimited traffic.

If you are an online business owner, ZenViral offers the best way to present your brand and spread it. A free offer is always attractive to people and they don’t mind to share it to get the free stuffs. An offer for 20% discount of a beautiful dress by just sharing it to Facebook and Twitter accounts? I’m sure 80% of women will say “YES”! And as they share to their timeline, your offer can reach all of their social network friends. The potential of ZenViral is huge!

How can you get ZenViral?

ZenViral is launching at 8:00 AM Eastern Time in January 31st 2017. Desmond Ong offers early bird discounts as the following plans:

ZenViral Monthly Purchase: $29/month

ZenViral Life-time Purchase: $97 one-time payment

NOTICE THAT the above discount is only valid in a limited time (early bird) and Desmond will increase the price very soon. A 30-day 100% money back guarantee is always available, so if you don’t like it, you can totally return it and get your refund within 24 hours.


Get Zenviral Here

This is the end of my ZenViral review. I hope that you now have all necessary information to make your wisest choice. Thank you for reading!


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